ESJR-8221 - Argument Against

Statement against Limiting the State’s Infrastructure Investments

SJR 8221 should be rejected because it increases the costs of infrastructure investments, reduces jobs and shifts money away from schools to other programs. It will have dire unintended consequences for taxpayers.

Undermines Job Creation

Schools, community colleges, universities, skills centers, hospitals, water treatment plants, sewers and many other vital public infrastructure projects are funded directly through the state’s capital budget. These projects ensure that Washington has quality facilities to foster economic, job and educational growth. Support infrastructure investments necessary for economic growth: Vote no on SJR 8221.

Tax Shift to Local Governments

By reducing the state’s capacity to invest in infrastructure, it will shift the burden of funding school construction and other projects to local governments. Local governments pay higher interest rates on their bonds, resulting in increased project costs. Ultimately, local governments will have to increase taxes to pay for these projects and taxpayers will pay more for the same facilities. Stop the need for local tax increases and vote no on SJR 8221.

Shifts Property Tax Revenue Away from Schools

SJR 8221 takes property tax revenues away from schools and puts it into the state’s general fund where it will compete against other programs. In the last two years, the legislature has taken roughly $2 billion from infrastructure programs and put it into operating programs. Now, SJR 8221 will do the same for school funding; shifting it to other programs. Protect school funding and vote no on SJR 8221.