I-502 - Argument Against

Two Different Perspectives Against Initiative 502:

If You Support Legalization, Vote No On I-502

I-502 would create laws that risk the incrimination of innocent people. The proposed per se DUI mandate will lead to guaranteed conviction rates of unimpaired drivers, due to an arbitrary, unscientific limit. A direct conflict with federal law will prevent any legal production, distribution, or retail of cannabis.

With no home growing permitted, and no legal retail system, individuals will be forced to the same black market that promotes violence and crime in our communities. I-502 creates situations in which state employees and business applicants can be charged with manufacture or delivery of marijuana, money laundering, or conspiracy, due to self-incrimination. Sharing marijuana with another adult constitutes felony delivery. To learn more, or to support real reform, visit www.SensibleWashington.org.

If You Support Safe & Healthy Communities, Vote No on I-502

Legalizing marijuana will greatly increase its availability and lead to more use, abuse, and addiction among adults and youth. Most 12th graders currently report not using marijuana because it is illegal. Marijuana recently surpassed alcohol as the number one reason youth enter substance abuse treatment. I-502 provides no funding for additional treatment costs leaving that burden to taxpayers.

I-502 creates new regulations without additional funds to enforce those regulations. Marijuana possession will still be illegal under federal law. This conflict leaves growers, users and employees who sell marijuana at risk for federal prosecution and taxes generated by I-502 subject to seizure by federal authorities.