President/Vice President

Partisan Office, 4-year term - United States Statewide

James Harris / Alyson Kennedy - Socialist Workers Party Nominees


Elected Experience: James Harris, 64, is a veteran trade unionist and a longstanding member of the National Committee of the Socialist Workers Party. Harris was the Socialist Workers candidate for U.S. president in 1996 and 2000.

Other Professional Experience: He has advanced a revolutionary socialist perspective in the struggle for Black rights for more than four decades, in mobilizations against imperialist wars from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan and in working-class politics.

Education: Cleveland State

Community Service: Harris has joined battles by working people to defend their unions, conditions of work and life and limb on the job from the relentless productivity drive by the bosses today.

Vice President

Elected Experience: Alyson Kennedy, 61, is a production worker and a member of the Socialist Workers Party's National Committee.

Other Professional Experience: A trade union fighter for more than three decades, Kennedy worked in coalmines in Alabama, Colorado, Utah and West Virginia. She joined the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) in 1981. From 2003 to 2006 Kennedy was a leading militant in a union organizing battle at the Co-Op coalmine outside Huntington, Utah.

Education: Indiana University

Community Service: Kennedy joined protests against the lynching of Florida youth, Trayvon Martin. She is on the front lines of struggles to defend immigrant workers from government assaults.

Statement: Working people in the United States and around the world are bearing the brunt of a deepening crisis of capitalism. Bosses and their governments respond to the contraction in production and trade in the only way they know-by taking it out on the working class.

Across the globe, workers face the same conditions: growing unemployment, attacks on wages, speed-up, slashed social services, and assaults on political rights. Workers from China, Spain, to Mexico are the allies of workers here.

Oppressed layers of our class are hit hardest by this profit-driven offensive by the bosses, especially workers who are Black. Immigrant workers are scapegoated and subjected to super exploitation. This has led to the rise of workers' resistance. Longshore workers who faced union busting in Longview, sugar beet workers locked out in the Upper Midwest, and striking Teamsters at Davis Wire in Kent are fighting to defend their jobs, wages and working conditions.

In their profit-driven competition for markets and resources, ruling class families in the U.S. and their imperialist rivals are driven toward war, and attacks on democratic rights. U.S. troops out of Afghanistan and all countries.

We stand with all those who stand up to these attacks. We fight for the labor movement to champion the struggles of the oppressed and exploited. We defend the right of women to choose an abortion. We call for a federally-funded jobs program to put millions to work.

The Democratic and Republican parties defend the interests of the bosses. To end this system of unemployment and war, working people need to rely on our own strength, and take political power from the capitalist class. To do this, we need a working class program and a working class party. Join us. Join with us.

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